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Full Adjusting services for all insurance carriers

Licensed in Florida and Texas

Home Inspection

We handle all damages such as Fire, Water, Hurricane, Theft

       Hurricane & Wind


Hurricane Andrew  and Irma hit the United States and caused major damage.  Andrew hit the Bahamas, southern Florida (south of Miami), and Louisiana. It caused $26.5 billion in damage, with most of the damage located in south Florida. Andrew also caused 65 deaths and left thousands of people homeless.

       Building Structures

Residential buildings can be effectively classified according to their degree of wind vulnerability. That classification recognizes the fact that buildings with wind-resistant features are expected to experience significant reductions in hurricane damage and loss. The reduced risk and associated loss result from both basic house characteristics and features (roof shape, frame vs. masonry, garage, etc.), as well as structural features of the building envelope (roof, deck connection, hurricane straps, shutters, etc). While the existing house characteristics are what they are and cannot be easily modified, the key building envelope features can often be cost-effectively strengthened to provide notable reductions in vulnerability.

   Reduced File Handling 

TNT provides trained licensed adjusters with experience in all areas of claim handling, to include review of file, Prior claim review, First contact, Set inspection within the carrier’s guidelines and TNT protocols. Team lead supervision to ensure quality of file handling and product. Most important customer service to the carrier and the insured in all aspects claim handling

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